Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper for different applications in paper rolls is intended to pack different types of industrial and food products, as well as it may be used for moisture protection of packages for products of industrial applications.

Paper may be used for production of cellular fiberboard, packing of utensils, mirrors, glass, fabric, flowers, medicines, floor covering of railroad freight cars and furniture wrapping.

Wrapping paper of type E is produced with paper mass 60 to 110 g/m2, indicator of breaking length is at least 2.6 km.

Wrapping paper of type J is produced with paper mass 110 to 160 g/m2, indicator of breaking length is at least 2.9 km.

Format of rolled wrapping paper – roll width is customized within range 420 to 1 560 mm., production of paper format up to 2 400 mm is possible on prior agreement with the customer.

Daily paper according to consumer formats

Paper is intended to write, draw and text printing on printing machines in several copies, as well as for other applications.

Paper format - А3, А4.
Paper mass: 42 - 52 g/m2