Daily paper mass 45 - 48,8 g/m2  is produced in accordance with GOST 6445-74 (reference), 42 g/m2 – SPEC of relevant producer (reference).

Rolled paper format – purchase orders accept roll width within 350 to 2 400 mm.

Diameter of spool – 800 to 1250 mm according to purchase order.

Way of rolled paper loading is defined on prior agreement with Consignee depending on available technical capabilities of the latter:

  • Roll-in (using this way of loading, rolls are rolled-in the transport vehicle and roll-out during unloading to the unloading deck; two rolls near the doors of transport vehicle are placed vertically at the end surface to provide safety of haulage).
  • On the end surface (using this way of loading, all rolls are placed on the end surface inside transport vehicle, unloading is realized with the use of specialized equipment – loaders with gripping device).

Ways of packing for offset sheet paper:

  • signal — stack is made of sheet paper, which is separated by colored paper signals between paper bundles
  • bundles— stack is made of sheet paper bundles, which are packed in one layer of wrapping paper, artistically designed with marking label “GOZNAK-PRINT” or without such design.